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and 3D Logo Sting Animations

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Protect Your Video From High Initial Drop Off Rate

In our busy word, instantly grabbing the visitor’s attention is the critical factor for a video be to watched instead of being instantly ignored.

While in order to be watched, your video has to make your audience instantly go wow, the next major visitors’ drop off happens just right after the intro.

After supporting tens of thousand of video creators, we have discovered that visual similarity between the intro and the content that follow just right after, has dramatic impact on the reduction of after intro viewers’ drop off rate.

3D intros, outros, and logo sting
animations in the style that
matches animated and doodle videos

While it is now relatively easy to buy hollywood- style, fascinating 3D intros with mind blowing particle effects or create them using advanced software, those intros are mainly meant to be used in full motion videos.

While Explaindio is used to create those full motion videos too, you often want to create more simplified animated and doodle videos, for which movie- style intros and outros may not necessarily have visual similarity you are looking for.

This is why we have decided to create 3D intros, outros, and logo sting animation is the style which both make audience go wow and work great before and after animated and doodle video content.

Your videos can both look amazing, with great visual similarity throughout, and convert

Those 3D templates have been created by professional 3D animators under the supervision of professional marketers and the results are absolutely incredible.

You still get attention grabbing 3D animations that you can easily tailor to match your product but those animations are also matching the feel of animated and doodle video content.

All that means that your videos both look amazing, with great visual similarity throughout, and they convert better.

Dramatically Increase
Quality Of Your Videos

Plus, if you have Explaindio commercial license and you think about selling your videos and video services, having access to those 3D templates with visual similarity to animated and doodle content, can dramatically increase quality of your videos and put you in higher demand by both having much more to offer and clients choosing you instead of the competition.

You will get those 200 intro, outro, and logo sting 3D animated templates in ZF3D file format, which you will be able to instantly use in the Explaindio.

So go ahead, add 200 3D animated templates to your order, and we will see you inside the member area.

Get Your Explaindio 3D Intros, 3D Outros
and 3D Logo Sting Animations


220+ 3D Intro / Outro / Logo Sting animations
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